Summer? Summer!

IMG_20140617_111528903Oregon has been a bit cold-ish the last week or so.  It’s hard to complain given all of the weather challenges in other parts of the country.  Indeed, until we have the big weather events that are always looming as imminent possibilities (THE earthquake.  THE erupting volcano that wipes us out like Pompeii.), Oregon-loving residents have it pretty good.  Yes, we have to keep mowing our lawns most of the year and it’s us against weeds/moss/anything that can overtake a building when you’re not looking.  Still, we’re lucky.  We know it, but like everyone else, we need to let off pressure with a complaint now and then.

But then you walk past a flower that just looked like another growing thing yesterday but KAPPOW! did something amazing overnight.  Like sunflowers.  These sunflowers.  They line the path from my car to my office.  And today, it felt a little more like summer.

IMG_20140617_111534857 IMG_20140617_111542896 IMG_20140617_111552178 IMG_20140617_111611142


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