Making breakfast a celebration of self

instagram breakfast

My typical breakfast is a couple of pieces of toast.  Maybe yogurt.  Banana.  A smoothie now and then.  It’s usually a weekend or a vacation where something more “adventurous” appears.

I had a pineapple sitting on my counter ripening, but there was a part of me that thought, oh it’s such a hassle to cut it up and “prepare” it.  Of course, it’s not, but it’s funny how our brains undermine our desire to do good things for ourselves when it comes to food.  I’ll just pick up something fast rather than tearing some lettuce and making a salad.  I’ll order a pizza instead of making myself a simple, but satisfying dinner.  Sadly, we do it all the time.

Yesterday I woke up looking at that pineapple again.  I had to give myself a good stern talking to:  come on, just cut it up and move on. So I did.  In the time it took to cut it up, I was inspired to make some eggs and toast to go with it.  I had had the good thought of making iced coffee the night before.  By the time the toast was done, I had a feast.  And it didn’t take any time at all.

As I sat down to eat it, I have to admit I felt a little better than if I had blown it off to go get something easier, probably of the donut variety. Satisfied.  And inspired to keep countering those voices in my head that try to talk me out of making just a little effort in my kitchen.


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