Feeling under the weather

I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I’d like to cut off the left side of my head. My left node is swollen and painful and I think it’s causing pain in my ear, throat and tongue when I swallow. Two doctors think virus which means waiting for health. Or death. Normally a trouper with pain, this thing has turned me into a whiner.


I finally have a numbing rinse and an antibiotic since I may have been fighting a succession of things over the last few weeks. We’ll see.

Before I went down, I had picked some extra rosemary when I made my salami-fennel sauce. I wanted to make the most amazing thing ever: rosemary honey!!!!!


It’s a revelation. When I found it on the internet years ago, I went to my yard in the dark of night to get rosemary right away. I always have lots of honey varieties around. It’s one of my favorite things on toast when I’m well. When I’m sick. When I’m happy. When I’m blue.

It works best with a neutral clover honey, but I had some raw honey I got a while ago at Trader Joe’s. You put the honey and cleaned rosemary into a saucepan and heat to just below a boil. You don’t want to overheat honey and kill off its many good properties. When it just starts to get foamy and bubble, take it off the heat and let it steep, like tea, for about 20 minutes. I set a timer because I’m absent minded and might forget about it for hours. Strain out all of the rosemary (leaving it behind invites mold) and use in any way you’d like.

As I’ve been sick and not eager to eat, it has been a little enticement to try.

Good health to all!


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