Summer tomatoes!!

IMG_20140723_101343139The best part of summer for me is the tomatoes and I’m thrilled that they’re just starting to appear.  We got some cute lovely smallish tomatoes from our CSA this week and they looked lovely and tasted delicious with some eggs cooked soft with chili flakes, salt and pepper.  Really easy.  Super delicious and visually beautiful.  If we eat with our eyes, I was already satisfied before the first bite!


We were also given a freebie plant by the CSA earlier this season.  My yard isn’t so great for a garden, so I put it in a pot that probably doesn’t get enough sun.  Still, success.  I had my first tomato yesterday and promptly ate it right after picking it.

Hurrah summer!!


2 thoughts on “Summer tomatoes!!

  1. I love your site and am happy to follow it. Your photo’s are all mouth watering. We have picked a few tomatoes and there will be many more. We are also eating our first pickings of broccoli and cauliflower. Do you have a low fat recipe for a soup using them?

    • I think the easiest soup is just to chop up broccoli or cauliflower or both and saute a bit with onion and garlic. If you want a little body, you can grate in a potato or two or my new favorite, kohlrabi. Cover with just enough broth and then puree when it’s tender. It’s creamy without cream. I’d flavor with salt and pepper and then just throw in any other herbs I have (dried or fresh) like thyme or oregano. I did a similar thing in the post probably just before this one (the soup of normal life). If you need a little heft, you can add in some couscous to trick yourself into thinking it’s hearty.

      I’m jealous of all of your tomatoes. In the hot sun of Colorado, they’d be awesome!!!!! When I lived in E’burg, WA, they were similarly great. I dream of my old gardens.

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