Red French Dressing

Since I was a kid, I have always loved the red salad dressings from the store. Most are labeled “French” but they sometimes have other names. Some are a mellow orange like the Dorothy Lynch my paternal grandmother favored. Some are bright red. My mom even made some from scratch when I was a kid and I was sure she was magic.  I’ve loved them all for their peppery sweetness.

Most of the time, I make my own dressing since it’s just oil, vinegar, mustard and whatever you want to add. It’s fun to experiment with different vinegars. That said, once or twice a year, I get a craving for these tastes of youth. Tonight to make myself feel better about the leftover pizza I was going to eat, I decided to make a salad to complement a bottle of dressing I bought recently.


We had some lovely lettuce varieties and lemon cucumbers from the farm. To this I added sliced nectarine and some blueberries for a fresh sweetness to counter the vinegar in the dressing. Topped with my beloved “red” dressing and a healthy dose of pepper, I was in childhood/adulthood heaven.



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