“Almost midnight” squash muffins

I don’t usually take the larger summer squash since their flavor and texture is not my favorite, but while I was sick, my share partner selected them for me.  I think he likes being able to stuff them and bake or bbq them.

I used one to make soup but I had one more large yellow squash left to use. Like magic, a recipe appeared in my email last week for a muffin made with grated yellow squash and a little apple sauce.

It’s supposed to be getting hot again, so tonight while it was still cool, I made them. I only had one kind of flour so I didn’t use the varieties of the original recipe. I also used a12 large muffin tin instead of 18, so my baking time was just beyond 24 minutes. I didn’t add the nuts or raisins because I wasn’t craving those.


The sugar content makes them crispy and caramelized on the top and edges and the centers are super moist. The apple lends a little something extra, but the cinnamon makes for just a yummy, comforting muffin. I’m guessing they’ll be good for breakfast and the next couple of days.

Here’s the link to the recipe:


Ironically, I may now start picking the large squash from now on…

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