Bad idea? Great idea!

025Such decadence!

016I’m still not really sure how it started, but somewhere this week, I saw a post about bacon-wrapped hot dogs.  I have no idea on whose page or what site it was, but even though I didn’t really look at it carefully, it got into my head like an ear worm, a song you hear that won’t leave.  I do love bacon and I can eat a hot dog now and again, but somehow the idea of them together sounded really good to me.  For days.  On my own, I knew it was a lousy idea and dangerous, but since I knew I’d be gathering with friends last night, it seemed a good time for a culinary adventure.

Without a recipe, I headed to the market for the supplies.  I tried to buy good quality hot dogs and bacon so that even if we weren’t eating especially well, we’d still feel pretty good about the components.  Nice buns.  018Some pretty decent new pickles that Vlasic is selling under a “Farmer’s Garden” label.

Wrapping the hot dogs wasn’t particularly hard and my guess to get normal, thin bacon was correct.  I think if I had bought the tempting thick bacon it wouldn’t have worked at all.  The ends don’t really stick in the way you’d like and maybe the original post I saw on the internet fashioned some kind of a “pin” using a toothpick or skewer, but I just did my best to adhere the bacon to the hot dogs.  It probably would have worked better to do the wrapping early in the day, refrigerate them all day so they kind of get used to being together in that shape, and then grill them.  I was doing mine just moments before grilling, so we had some loose bacon.  Still tasty.

015One thing I had managed to glean from the recipe was a general idea of 6-7 minutes on the grill per “side.”  It does take quite a long time to first let the grease start coming out of the bacon so it’ll then cook to get a bit crispy.  Our first batch took quite a while to look done, but it might have been user error (me) and my initial placement on a not particularly hot part of the grill.  They smelled great on the grill and the bacon, mostly, managed to stay hugging each dog.

024My friend has been experimenting with making her own kraut and we got to taste some of it last night.  It’s a beautiful ruby color since she used purple cabbage.  Even though it’s not totally soft yet, the flavor was wonderful and it definitely classed up the bacon dogs.  With grilled corn, the pickles, chips and edamame (soy beans), we feasted like bbq kings and queens!

Hilariously, at the end, a friends starts to tell us something by saying, “I have a confession….”  We were on the edge of our seats to see what he could possibly have to tell us.  It turned out he’d bought mini moon pies on the way to the bbq but had eaten one before arriving and thought they tasted bad, but at the end of the evening, with the absence of something else sweet, he came clean and brought them out.  He was right.  They weren’t great, but it was a fun way to end an evening of crazy eating.


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