Apple cake season is back!


Last winter, in the throes of Oregon rainy season, I discovered an apple cake that was so easy and delicious, I must have made it a half dozen times. It was good for dessert. It was equally good for breakfast. It stayed moist for days. Well, I had intended to try my hand at an apple gallette or tart, but I ran out of time and needed a dessert for a dinner. The apple cake!

As before, so tried and true. It’s one of the best cake recipes because it uses two full apples and the batter of the cake is just enough to bind the apples together.  It calls for walnuts, but this time I made it with pecans.  It says to chop them.  Sometimes I do chop them but this time I left them whole.  It gives those bites more flavor of whatever nut you’re using.

IMG_20140930_062800872 IMG_20140930_063130185 IMG_20140930_063902486

The only caveat, as always, is baking times. The original recipe gives a range of 30 to 50 minutes. My usual time is about 40. This morning, it was 43 minutes. It really depends on the weather and the moisture content in the apples. Just to be safe, I checked it at 30 minutes and went up from there.

The full recipe (from Tamara Davis via goop) is in this post, here.


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