Cider day! (and a pear juice cocktail)


Yesterday, the kind folks at Pitchfork and Crow invited all of its CSA customers out for cider pressing, pumpkin picking and a potluck. This yearly fall gathering is always a lot of fun and we head home with yummy apple cider.

This year I had to go late so I missed the apples, but I was in time for Asian pears and Bartlett pears. Hurrah. Something new!


I spent most of my time in a chair chatting with new people and good friends and enjoying the amazing October sunshine.  I did end up with a half gallon each of each type of pear cider.




It was great to watch Jeff give kids tractor rides. And to see kids try to carry pumpkins that were bigger than them. To scrounge up a few tomatoes in the hoop house for a recipe I want to try. Watching folks make “brooms” out of sunflower stalks and dried herbs like mint and field flowers.  A great day all around!




Fortified with lots of pear cider, I had to come up with a plan. I froze most of the Bartlett pear juice (it’s sweeter than the Asian pear) for later.  I decided to think of creative drinks for the Asian pear cider. I know many intend to ferment it, but I’m not that patient. I want the cocktail now.

Today I made a “pear martini-rita.” In a jar, I put in:

4 ice cubes
3/4 c. Asian pear juice
2 oz. Vodka
A generous squeeze of lemon

I shook this in the jar (my improved cocktail shaker) and poured it into a glass I had rimmed in sugar like a margarita. I topped with a little fizzy water for some bubbles. It was fresh from the pear and not too sweet.

Happy autumn in Oregon!


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