Small batch jam!

A few weeks ago, a former student posted a jam recipe to my facebook page. The jam recipe sounded delicious, but what caught my eye and that of my student was the little pot she was using to can. The video was of Marisa McClellan of the blog. I’ve been inspired by her jam combinations, even if I haven’t tried them all.

I hate using my “real” canner given how long it takes to heat up. If I’m using short half-pint jars, I can get away with using my stock pot, but it still takes a while. The pot Marisa was using only holds 2 half-pint jars. I was intrigued. Called a 4th burner pot, it can be used for canning and steaming. Or boiling water for something. I decided to get one and see if it would inspire me to do more canning of small quantities.


I’m in love. Out of habit, I started it boiling before I started making the jam. Not necessary! It was boiling quickly, so I set it to simmer to sanitize my jars and rings while I quickly got to jam.

Because I needed to get moving faster, I decided to use my food processor to cut the fruit into small pieces that would cook quickly. I had two granny smith apples from the store, two pears from the farm, and a quince a friend gave me. I peeled and cored everything and made quick work of it in the processor. I put it into a shallow pot with the juice of one lemon, brown sugar, and a bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. It did cook quickly but it wasn’t very juicy since granny smiths and quince don’t give off much juice. Adding water or cider would have worked, but since I had it I put in about 1/4 cup applejack. The alcohol cooked off as it cooked. Once soft, I used the immersion blender to smooth it to a consistency of apple butter.


It made enough for three pints. Two were canned in my new 4th burner pot and the third will go into the fridge for immediate eating!


I can’t wait to use the little pot again. For quick recipes or times I don’t have a lot of fruit or a lot of time, I can still have some fun.

And it’s dishwasher safe. My dreams are complete!

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