Apple cake/custard!!

Get up, run to the store, and get three apples!  Run!!

I’m not sure how, but this one recipe crossed my path twice this week. It’s for custardy apple squares by Dorie Greenspan. I figured it’s hard not to try it if the universe so clearly meant for it to get my attention.

So go get those apples! The recipe suggests gala or fuji. I got fuji.


This is the easiest recipe. Mix up a few ingredients to make a very thin batter. Mix in the three apples sliced on a mandolin — not super thin, but rather like if you were making scalloped potatoes. Once all of the apples are coated in the batter, you put them into a greased square cake pan and then bake.

Go. Get. Apples. Now!

Here’s the one caution. It bakes in a very hot, 400 degree oven. The last time a recipe for cake called for that temperature, my cake was really overdone even at the minimum time. This recipe said 40-50 minutes. Wary, I set my timer for 35 minutes. It was perfect. You want it golden brown, puffed up, and done in the middle. The apples will be tender but will also have some bite.


As it cools, it deflates a bit and settles into something between cake and custard. It was delicious served just a little warm but with some whipped cream.


It was so good, my friend and I ate two pieces!

Go get some apples. Run!

And then make this immediately:

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