Plain Plate Word Cloud

 plain plate 3

I don’t know if you’re familiar with word clouds.  They’ve been popping up in various places.  Maybe they’re not cool any longer…

At any rate, a friend turned me on to a program that makes word clouds into fun shapes.  It takes all of the words from your site, figures out which words you use the most often, and then puts them into a graphic cloud of words. If a word gets used a lot, it’s big.  The relative sizes of the words lets you know how often they get used.   In my case, I had it fill the cloud in the form of a coffee cup.  It’s kind of fun.

I was not surprised to see cake and apples near the top (among the largest words).  I was pretty surprised to see pumpkin (maybe the top word?) and cabbage.

Fun.  Here’s the same thing in a new form:  apple.

word cloud_apple

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