Summer melon!

030A friend of mine hosted a gathering just before the 4th of July.  Given our hot weather, she focused on no-cook foods — salami options, cheeses, and lots of sliced fruit.  We feasted on pickles and olives and some prepared salads.  And ended with some great banana chocolate chip muffins I made in the morning when it was cool.  It was lovely and perfect for the hot spell we’ve had as of late.


At the end of the evening, she sent me home with a container of the lovely melons:  honeydew, cantaloupe, and crenshaw.  The next morning I decided to try making another agua fresca with the melon and mint.  I started with the two green-ish melons, added some ice and mint, and then decided it wasn’t quite enough so I added some of the canteloupe.  Given how much water is in melon, I used a little less water than when I made it with strawberries.  After a quick whir in the blender, I was drinking one of the most refreshing summer drinks ever!


031 032

033 034

035 036

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