Grill a peach, y’all!

138I’ve been trying to make the most of these “last” days of summer which sounds ridiculous to anybody who isn’t working at a university where school starts at the end of August.  After one and a half decades, I still can’t get used to it.  School shouldn’t legally be able to begin prior to Labor Day.  And I’d really like it if it didn’t start until late September like it does for state schools.

Here’s part of the problem.  We finish in early May which seems awesome but it also means that public schools are still in session until mid June.  I don’t have children, but it does change the energy even for non-parents in that you really don’t feel like it’s summer until the kids are out of school.  By the time that happens, if you have students arriving this weekend like I do, it feels like the summer is over!

I know.  My problems.  Not problems.

Still, determined to wring a little bit out of summer, I grilled up a bunch of veggies last night for dinner:  green beans, various summer squash, eggplant “steaks” (just eggplant cut large and thick), carrots, and small shishito peppers.    I ate a lot of veggies last night but some of them were for salads later or soup ideas I have brewing.  It was nice to fire up the grill and eat outside as a way to cap off the weekend.

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When I had everything grilled, I remembered that I still have a couple peaches in my kitchen.  I got bunches of peaches last weekend and I’d been eating a couple each day in various ways.  I decided to try grilling a peach to see how it tasted.

125Once cut in half and with the skin removed (it can be pulled off in strips pretty easily when they’re ripe), I dusted the cut side with a bit of white sugar and cinnamon.   I put the peach on the grill cut side up first for about 3-4 minutes.  Then I turned it over with the sugar side on the grill for another 3-4 minutes.  It smelled kind of like caramel as the sugar began to caramelize a bit and the aroma of cinnamon filled the air.  When I got it off the grill, it didn’t look too dark since my coals were pretty done at that point, but it was warm.  The first bite?  OMG!  For real.  It was warm and sweet and super delicious.

132OMG.  Go bbq a peach, y’all!

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