Bonus Sunday Baking: “Jacked Up” Banana Bread


Each of my bananas was of varying degrees of over ripeness. I had to use them before the oldest banana was too ripe and headed to the compost…

I love bananas and almost always have them ripening on the counter.  I know they’re not local, but I do love them and eat at least one nearly every day of the year.  Usually I can eat them quickly — I like them more green than I do spotted and brown.  Once they get past where I think I’m going to want to eat them, I start piling them off to the side to get as ripe as possible without spoiling to make something delicious.  My usual recipe is a terrific banana chocolate chip muffin that stays yummy and moist for multiple days and is always a crown pleasing sweet.  Once in a while, though, it’s time for something else and it was a kind of silly reason that sent me looking for a recipe to try that was outside of my normal repertoire.

A third banana.

My muffin recipe only needs 2 bananas.  Sure, I could make a larger batch of muffins but sometimes just having something out of the ordinary can send you down a path.  Mine took me to food blogs by other people that I like.  In this case, it was smitten kitchen.  I did a quick search of banana and came up with “jacked up” banana bread.  I was intrigued for a couple of reasons.  One, it has spices like clove and nutmeg that I don’t usually associate with banana bread.  Two, it had a little bit of bourbon or whiskey added.

031After making my Sunday soup, I headed back in the kitchen to whip up the bread.  Other than mashing the bananas, it takes just a smidgen of measuring and a bit of stirring before going into a greased bread pan.  In my case, I baked it for about 47-48 minutes rather than the 50 minutes of the recipe.  Your oven might take longer.

035The results are not especially boozy, but the flavor combination of the bananas, the spices, and the whiskey is very pleasing.  The bread will be darker than typical banana breads and the texture is very moist even after a couple of days.  I froze half for later and took half to the office.  Everybody was a fan of this one!


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