Stove toast


Buttery and crispy on the outside but still soft and chewy on the inside. YUM!

I made a lovely loaf of “artisan” bread (to me, this basically means round, not loaf-shaped, and with that super crusty crust) on Saturday.  I had been happily eating on it through the weekend and into Monday.  This morning I was faced with one solitary piece of bread.  It still appeared to be good and would certainly be fine for toast, but I had cut it too large to fit into the slots of my toaster.  It wasn’t a tragedy but I knew the bread might be a bit stale for fresh eating.

Undaunted, I began to think about the best of grilled cheese sandwiches — the buttery, crispy outer bread.  I decided to try the same idea with just the bread and make ‘stove toast.’  It was awesome.  And easy.

Heat pan.  Put butter in pan.  Coat both sides of bread in butter.  Continue to swirl toast around the pan and flip from side to side until you get the desired brownness.  Remove and indulge in very yummy toast.

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My only advice:

  • Use salted butter.  You need the extra saltiness unless you’re going to gild the lily by adding honey or jam or other toppings.  I ate mine “plain” so I was happy to have the salted butter.
  • The process is kind of like browning butter and toasting at the same time.  While you still have butter in liquid form in your pan, things go pretty slowly.  As the butter is absorbed and the pan appears “drier,” you really need to keep an eye on things.  At that point, you could go to burned toast very easily.  This is not the time to walk away or try to do something else.

011 012013 014Otherwise, it’s very tasty.  A little less work than making french toast.  A little more work than making regular toast.  I was happy and it seemed a fitting end to my homemade loaf of bread.

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