The secret sauce

069A few weeks ago I wrote about a simple stir-fry sauce.  At that time, I had used a mixture of onion and leek, red cabbage,  a mixture of yellow and orange carrots, some pink radishes and some lovely greens (probably kale, but who remembers?). And ground turkey because I had it.

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Last night I needed an easy dinner that would produce nice leftovers for lunch for a couple of days.  I picked up a package of extra lean ground beef on the way home and then decided to use my “secret sauce” again with whatever veggies I had at home in my bins.  It really is the most versatile Asian flavoring sauce.

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While my ground beef and some onion was browning, I chopped up what I had:  arugula, bok choy (stems and leaves), and chard (stems and leaves).  Once the beef was browned — drain if you need to but I didn’t need to based on the leanness of the beef I bought — add in the stems and saute for a while.  Once a bit cooked, add in the sauce [SO EASY:  4 T. sake, 2T soy, 1 T. water, and 1 T. sugar — last night I added in 1 T teriyaki and left out the sugar since teriyaki is sweet].  On top of that I put in the arugula and the leaves of the bok choy and chard.  It only takes minutes to finish.

I served mine with brown rice.  Delish!068

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