Cuban Bread, more thoughts

On Saturday I made “cuban bread” as my fourth attempt to conquer yeast.  When 005I wrote my post, the bread had just come out of the oven and I had cut off a greedy corner to eat right away.  At that time, the crust was very crunchy and the inner bread was still what I would call a bit unsettled.  In my assessment, I had written:

It’s different than the slow-rise recipes which have a flavor that develops over a long time of slow rising.  This bread is yeasty from the large amounts of yeast but the texture is more bread-y with small crumbs and without any large holes.  The slow-rise breads have larger air holes and a more sourdough-like flavor.  This is classic, yummy bread.  It’s still shaped like the lovely artisan loaves (two rounds instead of a loaf in a bread pan), so it’s a bit “artisan” in feel and crusty flavor.  If you like crust, this is a bread recipe for you.  If you prefer the inner part of bread the best, then this might not be it.  I am guessing this is going to make a lovely piece of toast.  I can’t wait!

007I was wrong on most of what I wrote except that it does have a small crumb more like bread we get in the store and it DOES indeed make a lovely piece of toast.

I went to a movie after making the bread.  In the time it took me to get home, the bread had been transformed.  I sliced off another piece.  The crust was much softer and the bread itself was AMAZING.  The flavors of the bread (that little bit of sugar, the yeast) had become more pronounced in the not-so-hot bread.  The crust was chewy but very nice.  In all, the slice of room temperature bread with just a little butter was divine.  Like the best white bread you’ve ever eaten.002

It cuts like a dream — easy to get thick or thin slices.  It tastes good by itself or toasted with butter or jam.  I found myself returning to it often over the weekend because it was just so darn good.  Chewy and soft and delicious.  It would make lovely sandwiches, hot or cold.  It was terrific for cheese toast with some mustard, the last of my homemade basil pickles and cheese.009

I am definitely making this bread again.


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