301I live in what I think is the best place in the U.S., the Pacific Northwest.  Until the “big one” earthquake hits or one of our dormant volcanoes erupts, we’re living in the place with the best weather and an amazing array of bounties — vegetables, fruits, lovely locations, etc.  If we had Colorado’s 360 days of sunshine, we’d be insufferable!

I’ve been posting a lot on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, trying to demonstrate the possibilities, especially with food, that come from this wonderful area.  I’ve been involved with Community Supported Agriculture (you pay a farmer — up front — a fee for a weekly delivery of vegetables) for nearly a decade and I treasure the fact that I have so many direct relationships with the producers of the foods I eat.  I now get veggies nearly every week all year long from my CSA.  If I want eggs, I’ve got a few resources for that.  Meat too. I love the idea that we eat what is in season and eat to get our fill and delight, and then we move into the next phase.  I try to eat organic.  If not, then local.  If not, available.

That said, I’m not a purist.  I drink diet soda, almost daily. I eat a lot of bananas — not local, not in season. I love a good, greasy burger. A frozen pizza, and not the good kind.  Jello in almost any form.  I’m not above trying almost anything.

I grew up with a mom who lamented her patterned plates — never seemed to break and it seemed a waste to admit she’d grown a bit tired of the pattern.  With this in mind, I knew that when I bought plates of my own, I’d stick with a basic, plain plate.  I have cupboards full of fancy serving dishes and platters, but most days I’m still eating off of a basic white plate.  A simple bowl. A basic coffee mug.  I’ve never grown tired of them, and whatever goes in seems to be highlighted by the plain plate.  Framed by the plain plate.  Celebrated by the plain plate.  It’s also how I think of my food.  I’m eating as simply as possible, but I like the creativity of cooking and the self-sufficiency of the process.  It relaxes me.  It makes me excited to try to make new things or to try to recreate wonderful things I ate somewhere.  If only I lived in a commune with a few more mouths to feed…

Hopefully this blog will be about the “northwest num nums” that I find or create with a little bit of life thrown in.  Thank you for reading.

~  C.

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